Izaak Walton Inn

The Izaak Walton Inn was built next to the railroad yard in 1939 for the use of railroad service personnel. It was also intended to serve as an entrance to Glacier National Park between East Glacier and West Glacier, but this plan never materialized. As a result, Essex has a hotel that seems disproportionate to its modest needs.

GNP – Walton

The southern end of Glacier National Park features a remote and wild area of the park that sees few visitors. This area features clear creeks, wooded forests and towering peaks. The southern border of the Park is formed by the wild and scenic Middle Fork Flathead River which is beautiful and affords great recreational opportunities such as floating and fishing.


The Glacier National Park Conservancy (GNPC) is the philanthropic and retail non-profit partner of Glacier National Park. In 2013, former Glacier National Park Partners, Glacier National Park Fund and Glacier Association, merged to form a stronger non-profit to preserve the amazing visitor experience and protect the natural resources of the Park.